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WP2: New Skills For The Digital World

WP2 aims to...

First, the partners of the project will investigate what is the situation and needs of seniors as far as the most common online interactions they need to perform as well as what are applications related to them in use in each participating country. They will also reveal and analyze the most important reasons stopping senior citizens from using these applications and trusting online procedures.

Second, addressing the second target group, IT educators or trainers, partner organizations will develop ways of assisting them to get to know specificities of how seniors learn, what they have to have in mind when they train them in order that they transmit their knowledge/skills effectively and that they are as prepared as possible to assist seniors being introduced in the digital world.

Desk research in English

Desk research in national languages

Synthesis Report - Desk Research

Phone calls research in English

Phone calls in national languages

Focus groups

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